Renowned for the quality of their lenses, the legacy of more than 140 years of R&D, iconic sunglasses brand Serengeti® skilfully combines expertise, elegance and creativity. Driven by these values, through its Chase the Light campaign the Serengeti® collection – produced entirely in Italy – couples the quest for perfection with the freedom to explore the world around us in a new and inspiring way.

For Serengeti®, Chase the Light is an ode to the search for the ideal balance between inspiration and perfection of design: the perfect curve, a unique shape, the most exceptional lens. Chasing the light means not just chasing sunlight. It is an unwaveringly passionate pursuit that inspires people to discover the world in the best of ways. An aspiration born of the brand’s American origins. A search for happiness, joy, success, new adventure or freedom: for enlightenment of every kind. This is the philosophy with which the Serengeti® collection was created.

To support its spring-summer 2022 new releases, Serengeti® turned to individuals who are constantly seeking the ideal light, the perfect moment, a beautifully sketched curve. Photographer duo Marlyne and Patrick Curtet, who filmed the Chase the Light campaign, are the perfect embodiment of this intensity:We grew up in a time when the United States was synonymous with freedom, space, adventure. We have added culture, nonconformity and uncompromising artistry and aesthetics.  The Serengeti campaign is totally in line with our vision. Light drives our creativity, our schedule. We do not pursue the light, we live with it.” 

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Louis Cisti, VP of Marketing at Serengeti:Chase the Light marks a turning point for Serengeti in terms of the brand’s message and marketing direction. This ode to the quest for the ideal balance between inspiration and perfection of design perfectly represents what we try to achieve every day. This campaign will be accompanied by a 360° global plan embodied by individuals who share Serengeti’s values: designers, creators, artists, and others who seek perfect execution in their everyday journeys.” 

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In 2022, Serengeti takes another major step forward in eco-design with the introduction of cellulose acetate whose raw materials, cotton or plant material, come from 100% FSC certified crops. The brand is also using TR90 nylon to increase the durability of its frames. The whole collection (29 models in all) has been designed with the highest quality materials and the most advanced solar lens technology to provide users with ultimate protection and an unrivalled visual experience. All these new sunglasses are available with corrective lenses, and our RX programme covers 99% of prescriptions.

Chase the Light is a unique opportunity to put Serengeti’s expertise, unique technology and timeless design in the spotlight.

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